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Home Property Grants and Loans

Government grants in the United States offer a helping hand to needy citizens in various cases. Home repair grants are aids that are provided to homeowners in case their homes have been damaged due to some natural calamity, or in cases where they need funds for renovating the property. These grants are valuable for those individuals who don't have large funds for repairing or improving their homes. Since these government grants are not required to be paid back, they can be used by citizens in times of need. The US Department of Housing and Urban development and FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency) caters to various needs of homeowners for providing them with benefits of home improvement or home renovation grants.The process of improving a real estate usually tends to be very expensive. Though this process is expensive, sometimes it is extremely essential for maintenance. First time home buying grants and home improvement grants and loans are financial aids extended to people to buy a new house for them or to renovate their personal real estate, like their homes, farms,and beach houses.....

Government Grants for First-time Home Buyers

A home is not just an investment but a personal joy and a stronghold that brings a sense of security to you and your family. Buying a home remains a dream for many, who fail to gather enough finances for the same. In these times of economic uncertainty, it has become even more imperative that one saves as much as possible in the purchase process.

Taking out a mortgage for the purchase of your first home can be a daunting challenge due to the high down payment involved and also the taxing interest rates. This is one problem where a government grant can help you out. There are various types of government grants for home buyers. This includes the American Dream Down payment Initiative, which was introduced in 2003. Apart from the grant programs of the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), you may also apply for programs initiated by the states, local authorities and organizations to help home buyers in their territory.

Quick Facts About Government Grants

There are various types of grants which can help people looking to purchase their new home. Though most programs have been developed by HUD, the department does not allot these grants directly.The following are some basic facts about government grants for first time home buyers.

1. To begin with, one has to know that these grants are not loans, but government assistance for the development of the community in general.

2. No such grant program will provide you with 100% finance assistance for buying a house. In other words, none of these programs will offer you 100% cost of the house. In fact, most of these first time home buyer grants cover only less than 10% of the cost of the house.

3. Another important point to note is that these grants will only be available to those buyers who are eligible for a mortgage.

4. It is mandatory to attend the HUD-approved housing counseling class, so as to qualify for grants offered by these programs.

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Monday, 30 July 2012

Free Federal Home Improvement Grants For Low Income Families

Free Federal Home Improvement Grants For Low Income Families

There are federal grants available to fund home improvement projects for qualified individuals. These grants will cover repair and renovation costs of qualified homes and housing units across the United States. Grant recipients must meet the criteria set by the grant program. Typically, grants are not required to be repaid; however, the money can be recouped from any grantee who does not honor the terms of the agreement.
Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) Program
Sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, the Housing Preservation Grant (HPG) program offers grants to cover the costs of repairing and rehabilitating the homes and housing units of very-low and low-income residents. Grant funds are available to homeowners, landlords, co-op members and rental property owners who provide housing to low-income families. Eligible applicants include state, local, and tribal governments and nonprofit organizations. Grant recipients have two years in which to use the funds. 
Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants
The Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants program, also sponsored by the Department of Agriculture, provides farm owners with financial help to construct, repair and renovate housing units and service-related facilities for their farm laborers. This grant program provides funds to improve housing for seasonal and year-long farm workers and to construct facilities such as dining areas, laundromats, small infirmaries and daycare centers. To qualify, farm workers occupying the housing units must be permanent U.S. residents and must earn a substantial amount of their income from farming. Eligible applications for this grant include state, local and tribal organizations, nonprofit corporations of farm workers, and public and private nonprofit organizations. Grant recipients have to match at least 10 percent of the financial award amount.
The Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program
A third program funded by the Agriculture Department, the Very Low-Income Housing Repair Program, provides rural communities with financial grants to improve homes. Funds must be used to repair, improve and modernize homes or remove safety and health hazards. Grants of $7,500 are available to low-income residents of communities with less than 20,000 residents. Funds are provided only to residents 62 years of age or older who have demonstrated that they cannot afford to repay a loan. The home must not be sold within three years of receiving the grant or the money can be recouped by the grant program.

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